I realized I never gave an update on the triathlon, and so I thought while I was doing that, I would give a general update on life, Kirby and how our summer is going.

So, let’s start with my FIRST Olympic distance triathlon! On May 30, Dave and I both participated in the Capital of Dreams Triathlon right here in downtown Montgomery. Dave did the sprint distance (400m swim/12 mile bike/3.1 mile run) while I did the intermediate distance (1500m swim/24.8 mile bike/6.2 mile run). I had some concerns about being able to finish before they would close the course at 3 hours and 45 minutes, but my fears were unwarranted. I finished in 3 hours and 7 seconds–much better than I thought!

After the race (sunglasses hiding my tired eyes!)

After the race (sunglasses hiding my tired eyes!)

I am so proud that I was able to accomplish this. I had to work hard to make the training fit in my schedule–and even then, I knew I hadn’t done as much as I should. My time was not competitive at all, and I got aced by an older gentleman toward the end who scoffed when he saw I was 30. But I didn’t care–I was proud because I just had a baby in December! I am thankful for a body that was able to bounce back and do this kind of physical activity–what a blessing to be active!

Proud finisher!

Yes, they gave us temporary tattoos to put the number on our arms and legs. Unfortunately, that left a lovely "246" tan line that lingers now, a month later!

Yes, they gave us temporary tattoos to put the number on our arms and legs. Unfortunately, that left a lovely “246” tan line that lingers now, a month later!

May I take a moment to recommend this race if you’re considering your first triathlon or your first Olympic distance tri? It was a GREAT event. It was well-managed from start to finish. And, total bonus: the swim is in the Alabama River–downstream. It had rained a lot the week before our race, so the current was strong. My swim time was literally half of what I expected it to be. That’s the way to make some time! And while there seemed to be lots of serious triathletes, there were plenty of people in it who, like us, were just there for fun and to finish.

After the race, we took off to spend a week with Dave’s family at their house on Perdido Bay. It was a great week of relaxing, boating, swimming and just generally hanging out with his brothers and parents. Kirby also got to experience a lot of firsts… check out the highlight reel below:

First swim! At "The Point Club" in Perdido Bay/Soldier Creek.

First swim! At “The Point Club” in Perdido Bay/Soldier Creek.

Kirby's first boat ride--out to lunch at Tacky Jack's!

Kirby’s first boat ride–out to lunch at Tacky Jack’s!

First boat ride meant first time in a life jacket. She couldn’t really move her head!

And… first time in the Gulf. She didn’t hate it… but she didn’t love it either.

And now we’re taking it easy for a little while, just trying to juggle work, a baby schedule and Dave taking time to study for the PE exam he’ll take later this year. Another exciting update: we just booked flights yesterday for our own little family vacation. We’ll be headed out to Yellowstone for a week at the end of August! We’re looking forward to a chance to get away, just the three of us, and to begin to understand travel, particularly outdoor travel, with a baby in tow. If anyone has any advice for hiking and camping with a little one, we welcome your input!